Recreational Program

Our Recreational Program follows the guidelines of USA Gymnastics Levels 1-4 for both Boys & Girls.

1. To provide every child in our program with a positive experience in basic gymnastics.
2. To develop strength, flexibility, coordination, and kinesthetic awareness.
3. To raise every child’s self-esteem by mastering achievable challenges.
4. To develop as an individual.
5. To provide a sound program with skill progressions. Each of our instructors break skills down into achievable steps so children can and will experience “SUCCESS EARLY & OFTEN.”

Our Recreational program at Libertyville Gymnastics Academy offers advancement and opportunity for children who have shown above average aptitude in the sport of gymnastics to progress to our accelerated programs. If a student reaches a desired ability level, he or she will be referred to our Competitive Program.

Please contact the office to get the most current class information and/or go to our parent portal https://app.iclasspro.com/portal/lga2610/dashboard.