Governor Pritzker announced that Illinois is going to be fully reopened on June 11. Businesses will face no capacity limits, though they can continue imposing their own restrictions such as masking policies. Anyone vaccinated no longer needs to wear a mask in public places and no longer needs to adhere to social distancing. While we certainly are not out of the woods yet, this is some nice relief from this virus. Like many of you we are left with more questions than answers, but we would like to provide you with what we know, and how we proceed from here.

LGA will follow the CDC and State’s guidance that states any athlete, family or staff who has received the vaccine and is considered “fully vaccinated” can therefore remove their masks in our facility. Children 12 and under we are letting parents use their own discretion if they want their children to wear a mask or not during class.  Parents, we are asking for your cooperation not only with your children but also yourselves. A certain bit of public responsibility is necessary as no LGA staff member will approach an individual to require proof of vaccination.

We know there is still a present risk of the virus, and we will continue our best to keep your children, and anyone who enters our premises safe. We will continue our increased cleaning regimen in the gym and lobby. As always should anyone vaccinated wish to remain masked, we support the decision and hope to make LGA a place where everyone feels safe and comfortable.

Again, we appreciate your cooperation and continued support.

LGA Staff