Cheer Tumble:

Our popular and extremely requested Cheer Tumble Program includes USASF (US All Star Federation for Cheer and Dance Teams) Levels 1-4 Tumbling and Safety Rules and Regulations. This program comprises ages 4-18 year olds. Our class and age groups are as follows:

“Cheer Tumble” Ages 5-7 years old
“Cheer Tumble” Ages 7-10 years old
“Cheer Tumble” Ages 11 years old and up through High School


Libertyville Gymnastics Academy’s Cheer Tumble Program has levels to handle students from the most novice to the most sophisticated Cheerleader.

At Libertyville Gymnastics Academy we believe in program Excellence…


1. Developmental Systems – Progressing each student to the next level when all skill progressions have been achieved.
2. Systematic Promotion of the QUALITY we already have in our existing programs.
3. Testament and Devotion to teaching each student the most they can learn.
4. 100% accomplishment of skills and instructional goals.
5. Meeting our goals, objectives, while maintaining our philosophy.
6. Growth in our Program without sacrificing QUALITY.

Please contact the front office @ 847-816-6618 to get the most current class information and/or go to our Parent PortalĀ https://app.iclasspro.com/portal/lga2610/dashboard.