Our Spring Break Clinics have been canceled due to our shut down, sorry for any inconvenience.

Our clinics run during winter break, spring break and over the summer and are designed to support athletes in their goals of learning or advancing their skills within the sports of gymnastics, cheer or dance.  Within each of our specific clinics, athletes will receive the extra coaching they need by one of our highly trained senior staff members.  Each session will focus on coaching the athlete for proper technique, body positioning and strength to perform the skill safely.

In the future we are planning to run some advanced tumbling clinics with Coach Beth that will run on Saturday afternoon.  More information to follow.

Our clinic philosophy is to ensure your athlete is getting proper instruction and practice in a safe environment to support them advancing in their goals through positive coaching and feedback.

Ready to master that new skill?  Call LGA and sign up to get closer to your goal.

For information and pre-registration for one of our upcoming clinics, click on link in the right hand column or call our office.  Minimum age requirements may apply for each clinic.

Main Office:  (847) 816-6618

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